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Toronto, Ontario, M8Z 5G5

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Key Contact Personnel:
Dave Clarke, Senior Vice President T&D Technologies
Garreth Coelho, Business Area
Zsolt Peter, Business Area Director
Hassan Younes, Business Area Director
Bert Grespan, Department Manager
Major Export Markets Served (2020): Canada, USA, United Kingdom, Germany, Denmark, India, Romania, Bangladesh, South Korea, Mexico, Spain, France, Malaysia, Turkey, and Belgium
Industry Standards: ISO 9001, ISO 17025, IEEE, ANSI, ASTM, CSA, IEC, NEMA, AS, AEIC


High Voltage Laboratory

Dimension of Main Test Hall:
30 m length x 15 width x 15 m height
Dimension of Secondary Test Hall:
15 m length x 15 m width x 15 m height

Dielectric Testing Facilities

Impulse Testing: Max. Volt./Current Standard/Remarks
Lightning Impulse Indoor 1.8 MV Compliant with IEC 60060 series standards and IEEE Std. 4
All applicable IEC, ANSI, CSA, IEEE standards related to high voltage equipment testing
Switching Imp. (Dry) Indoor 1.3 MV
Switching Imp. (Wet) Indoor 1.3 MV
A.C. Testing:
Dry Indoor 750 kV
Outdoor 750 kV
Wet Indoor 750 kV
Mobile Resonant Sets: 700 kV variable inductance
520 kV variable frequency
D.C. Testing:
Dry 800 kV
Wet (mobile system)
PD & RIV Testing: 350 kV & 750 kV
Capacitance &Tan ∂ Testing: 450 kV

Pollution Testing:
Dimension of Main Test Chamber:
10 m length x 4 m width x 13 m height

Standard Max. A.C. Volt. Temp from – to °C
Clean Fog IEC, IEEE 350 kV -15°C to +4°C
Cold Fog 350 kV -15°C to +4°C
Icing Tests ANSI, IEC 350 kV -15°C to +4°C

Ageing Tests:
Insulator tracking wheels (spray and dip), salt fog ageing/corrosion
HV Cable Testing:
To industry standards (eg. IEC 60840, IEC 62067, AEIC CS9-06, IEEE 404) for cable systems up to 500 kV rated voltage.
Core Qualification tests (including Accelerated Water Treeing Test):
• Dedicated facility to currently test one cable design;
• Testing performed to industry standards (CSA C68.5, AEIC CS5)
Other Tests Performed on Insulators, Arresters, Bushings, Cable Terminations:
Partial Discharge, load cycling, long-term ageing, all standard insulator tests, all standard cable qualification tests, all standard bushing, termination, and arrester tests
Corona & RIV Testing:
Insulator assemblies, line hardware and station equipment for up to 765 kV AC and 600 kV DC systems
Safety Equipment Testing Services:
• Rubber insulating protective equipment certification and periodic testing (to ISO 17025)
• Rubber gloves, blankets, mats, insulated aerial devices, live line tools

High Current Laboratory

Power Source for the HC Laboratory:
3 high-current transformers fed from the grid
Specifications of Main Test Bay:
• Large indoor test cell 16m lengths x 6 m width x 6m height, 4.5 m door height
• Additional Outdoor concrete vaults also available
Possible Power Frequency: 60 Hz
Max. MVA:200 MVA
Max. kV: 20 kV
Max. kA & Duration: 80 kA rms
Electrical Tests
Low and Medium Voltage Tests: 
Standard and qualification tests on apparatus such as distribution transformers, disconnect switches, grounding switches, temporary working grounds, connectors, reactors: Arc rating (ATPV) of FR textiles, garments and other PPE
Heat Run Tests: 
Low voltage single phase testing up to 16000 A, and low voltage three phase testing up to 8000 A. Examples of equipment tested are switches, breakers, transformers, bus ducts, CTs, conductors, and connectors.
Other High Power Tests Offered:
DC power source, up to 800 V, 2 kA continuous, 20 kA momentary.

Mechanical Test Laboratory

Key Services: 
• Galloping specs: 40 m length
• High capacity multi-purpose strong floor – 10 m x 20 m
• Vibration spans: length from 15 m to 90 m, up to 50,000 lb (225 kN) equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, instrumentation and data acquisition systems
• Eleven creep spans with various lengths and loading capacity; ambient temperature and high temperature creep bays
• Connector test facility – six heat cycle loops, up to 12,000 A capacity
• Thermal chambers – 6 m length x 5 m width x 3 m height walk-in chamber, temperature range from -50ºC to + 80ºC
• Sheave test facilities, fixed sheave and sheave pulley system
• Three mechanical cycling test bays
• Sub-span oscillation and longitudinal flexibility test machine drives for spacer-dampers
• Seismic test facility – Tri-axial shaker for equipment qualification
Components Tested:
• Overhead fibre optic cables
• Various types of overhead conductors including high temperature low sag conductors
• Fittings, clamps, connectors, vibration dampers, spacer-dampers and many other components
• Horizontal tensile machining: 100 kip and 200 kip, 15 m length (50 ft.)
• Vertical tensile machining: 120 kip and 600 kip, 2.55 m length (8 ft.)

Other Test Capabilities

On-site Commissioning Testing of Transmission Class Cables:
On-site AC Hi-Pot commissioning testing according to IEC 60840 and IEC 62067 using a mobile resonant test set (260 kV/ 83 Amp). Testing includes Partial Discharge (PD) testing using ultra broadband PD monitors with Kinectrics daisy- chain network.
On-site Partial Discharge Testing of Cables:
On-site partial discharge testing of cables using non-invasive capacitive or inductive PD sensors using ultra broadband PD monitors. The technology used can pinpoint the location of individual PD sources occurring simultaneously. Continuous monitoring solutions offered
On-line Partial Discharge Testing:
On-site PD measuring and analysis services for on-line diagnostic testing of transformers, MV and HV cables, and bushings.
Dielectric Spectroscopy:
For detection of water treeing in XLPE and EPR cables and moisture presence in PILC cables.
GIS Commissioning Services:
Mobile 700 kV resonant test system (13nF at 700 kV, 52 nF at 350 kV).
Generator and Motor Lab and Field Services:
Stator Bar/Coil insulation Qualification: voltage endurance (IEEE 1043), thermal cycling (IEEE 1310), turn insulation testing (IEEE 522). Field diagnostic and condition assessment testing of generators and motors.
Mobile Test Equipment:
75 kV, 30 kV and 20 kV test sets for MV cables and generator testing incl. full range of diagnostic services. Full Suite of Field Testing IR/PI, AC/DC over voltage, Partial Discharge, C&DF, TVA /Corona, EL-CID RSO.
High Voltage Motor & Generators:
Inspection, Consultancy and root cause failure analysis services.
On-Site Commissioning & Maintenance Testing:
Medium Voltage cables and Metal clad switchgear using AC Hi-Pot and PD testing.
On-site condition assessment testing of overhead conductors using LineVue® technology.

GRIDSIM Dynamic Power Test Lab

Key tests:
Inverter efficiency, power quality, fault current contribution, phase-jump, anti-islanding, ride-through and other protection functions.
Typical equipment tested:
Inverters, Rectifiers, Transformers, Switchgear, Motors, Generators
Testing for compliance to:
UL1741, IEEE1547.1, IEC62109-1 and -2, IEC61683, others
Power Capability:
10 MVA dynamic, 12 MVA fixed 60 Hz
45 Hz to 67 Hz dynamic
Voltage Level:
<600 VAC to 34.5 kV
DC load bank capacity:
7.5 MW

75-ton crane capacity for large test objects
70’ height building with 6000 sq ft test space
2 independent test bays