Xi’an High Voltage Apparatus Research Institute Co., Ltd (XIHARI)

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No.18, North Section of Xi’erhuan
Xi’an, 710077

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Key Contact Personnel:
JIA Tao, Director of Testing Laboratory jiatao@xihari.com
Zhang Jinbo, Director of Sales & Marketing Department hpzhangjinbo@xihari.com

Year Founded
HV Lab: 1958
HP Lab: 1958
Mechanical & Temperature-rise Lab: 1958
EMC Lab: 2000
Power Electronics Test Lab: 2014
Low Voltage Test Lab: 2014

Total Number of Employees: 

Major Export Markets Served (2018):
Bengal, China, England, Germany, Indonesia, Iran, Korea, Morocco, Pakistan, Thailand, U.S.A., Vietnam



High Voltage Laboratory

Dimension of UHV Test Hall (L•W•H):
78m x 48m x 48m

Dimension of EHV Test Hall (L•W•H):
72m x 36m x 30m

Dimension of HV Test Hall (L•W•H):
72m x 24m x 18m

Dielectric Testing Information

Power frequency testing transformer:
1200 kV/4 A, 1800 kV/2 A 2250 kV/1 A 800 kV/2 A
550 kV/4 A 750 kV/4 A 300 kV/4 A 200 kV/5 A
Impulse voltage generator:
4800 kV/720 kJ 4800 kV/480 kJ 3000 kV/400 kJ 2400 kV/240 kJ,
1000 kV/25 kJ 1200 kV/22.5 kJ 3000 kV/225 kJ
Chopping Device:
4200 kV 3000 kV
DC Voltage Generator Device:
2000kV/500 mA 1200kV/50 mA 750kV/50 mA
Standard Capacitor:
1600 kV/50 pF 1200 kV/60 pF 600 kV/150 pF 800 kV/50 pF
RIV coupling device:
1600 kV/300 pF
PD coupling capacitor:
1600 kV/ 1000 pF

Dielectric Testing Facilities

Impulse Testing: Max. Volt Standard
Lightning Impulse 4200 kV IEC60060-1/2/GB/T16927.1/ 2
Switching Imp. (Dry) 3000 kV IEC60060-1/2/GB/T16927.1/ 2
Switching Imp. (Wet) 2400 kV IEC60060-1/2/GB/T16927.1/ 2
Current Imp. 8/20 μs,200 kA
4/10 μs,200 kA
30/60 μs,40 kA
10/350 μs,60 kA
2 ms (long duration current impulse),12 kA
A.C. Testing:
Dry/Wet 1600 kV IEC60060-1/2/GB/T16927.1/ 2
Partial Discharge *1300 kV/1100 kV(PD) IEC60270/GB/T7354
RIV Testing: 1300 kV(RIV) IEC CISPR 18-1/2 / GB11604
Capacitance & Tan ∂ Testing: 1500 kV
D.C. Testing:
Dry/Wet 1900 kV IEC60060-1/2/GB/T16927.1/ 2
DC Partial Discharge **1500 kV IEC60270/GB/T7354
RIV Testing: 1500 kV IEC CISPR 18-1/2 / GB11604

*1100 kV Background noise no more than1pC, 1300kV Background noise no more than 5pC
**Background noise no more than 300pC

Pollution Testing

Artificial climate/pollution chamber:
¢14 × 15 mt

Standard Max. A.C. Voltage Max D.C. Voltage Temp. °C (from – To)
Salt Fog GB/T4585(IEC60507) 550 kV / /
GB/T4585(IEC60507) 550 kV Max. 55°C
GB/T22707(IEC61245) ±600kV Max. 55°C

Ageing Tests:
Multi-stress ageing test chamber: 5000h

Other Testing Facilities

Low-temperature chamber
• Dimensions of the chamber (L•W•H): 7.5m × 4m × 9.5m
• Temp. °C (-65°C -65°C )

High Power Laboratory

Dimension of UHV Test Hall (L•W•H):
51m x 26m x 28m

Kind of Power Source for the HP Laboratory:
Five short-circuit generators: 500 MVA×1, 2500 MVA×2, 6500 MVA×2

Specifications of Main Test Bay:

The Laboratory is equipped with four test bays for testing high voltage apparatus up to rated voltage 12 kV;one test bay for testing high voltage apparatus up to rated voltage 40.5 kV; one test bay for testing high voltage apparatus up to rated voltage 252 kV and two test bays for testing high voltage apparatus up to rated voltage 1100 kV.

Possible Power Frequency: Max. MVA: Max. kV: Max. kA & Duration:
50Hz and 60Hz 5000 MVA 550 kV 200 kA/2s
Max. kA (peak) Synthetic installation Max. kV in Bay by synthetic installation
600 kA Full pole test of circuit breakers with rated voltage up to 1100 kV. 1640 kV in four parameters recovery voltage / 2000 kV in two parameters recovery voltage

Other Types of High Power Tests Offered:

• Short circuit withstand tests
• Short circuit making and breaking tests
• Capacitive current switching test
• Internal arcing test
• Pressure relief tests on surge arresters
• Short-circuit withstand tests on power transformer up to 500 kV rating
• Short-circuit tests can be carried out on all medium and high voltage primary components such as switchgear, disconnector, earthing switches, arresters, fuses, load-break switches and spark gap.

Mechanical & Temperature-Rise Laboratory

Mechanical Tests – Thermal Mechanical Testing:

Temperature Range
-80°C ~ +100°C
Bending Load Dimensions of the chamber (L•W•H):
Max. 50 kN. 2m x 2m x 4m
Tensile Load Dimensions of the chamber (L•W•H):
Max. 500 kN. 2.06m x 0.71m x 3m

Bending & Torque Testing

Torque Moment Bending Moment
-Max. 40 kN•m -Max.600 kN•m (8.5 m)
-Max. 100 kN•m
*Under Construction
Max.1200 kN•m (16 m)-
Tensile Test Compression Test Temperature-Rise Test
Max. 2000 kN Max. 2000 kN 27000 A (AC)
10000 A (DC)

Other Test Capabilities

EMC Laboratory:

Radiation Testing
Dimensions of Microwave anechoic chamber (L•W•H) 26m x 17m x 12m
(According with CISPR16-1-1)
Frequency Range 9kHz~40GHz
Large turntable size and bearing Diameter 7 m
Bearing 8 ton
Silent zone Ф6m x 2.5m
Small turntable size and bearing Diameter 3 m
Bearing 3 ton
Silent zone Ф3m x 2.5m
Capacity of EUT Power Supply DC 300V 100A
AC 400V 100A
AC 0~24V
Test standards IEC61000-4-3, CISPR11/12/14/15/22/25, ISO11452-2/4,etc.
Conduction Testing
Dimensions of Shield room (L•W•H) 28m x 16m x 8m
(According with EN50147-1, IEEE-299-1997, GJB 20219-94, IEC61000-4-3)
Capacity of EUT Power Supply DC 300 V 100 A
AC 400 V 100A
frequency (50 Hz, 60 Hz, 16.7 Hz, 400 Hz)
Test standards IEC61000-4-2/4/5/6/8/9/10/11/12/13/16/17/18/27/28/29/34
IEC61000-3-2/3, etc

Power Electronics Test Lab

Operational tests for thyristor valves used in HVDC or UHVDC power

Test items Max. Voltage or Current Standard or Remarks
Periodic firing and extinction test ±100 kV/7200 A IEC60700-1/GB/T20990.1/GB/T28563
Tests with transient forward voltage during the recovery period ±300 kV/22.5 kJ IEC60700-1/GB/T20990.1/GB/T28563
Vavle fault current tests 80 kA 60 kV IEC60700-1/GB/T20990.1/GB/T28563
Vavle for VSC-HVDC ±400 kV/1500 A IEC62501-1
Tests for VSC valves used in HVDC power transmission
Test items Max. Voltage or Current Standard or Remarks
Maximum continuous operating duty test 24 kV/1500 A IEC62501
Maximum temporary over-load operating duty test 24 kV/1500 A IEC62501
Minimum d.c. voltage test >2 kV 1500 A IEC62501
IGBT overcurrent turn-off test 3000 A,di/dt>2A/μs IEC62501
Short-circuit current test 10 kA 100 ms IEC62501

Power Capacitor Product Tests

Single Phase
Test items Object under test Standard or Remarks
Over-voltage cycle test 24 kV 1200 kvar IEC IEC/TS 60871-2/GB/T 11024.2
Aging test 24 kV 1200 kvar IEC IEC/TS 60871-2/GB/T 11024.2
Thermal stability test 24 kV 1200 kvar IEC IEC/TS 60871-1/GB/T 11024.1
Short-circuit discharge test 200 kA IEC/TS 60871-1/GB/T 11024.1
Lighting impulse test between terminals and container ±600 kV/30 kJ IEC/TS 60871-1/GB/T 11024.1
AC voltage test between terminals and container 24 kV 1200 kvar IEC/TS 60871-1/GB/T 11024.1
IEC/TS 60871-1/GB/T 11024.1 200 kV IEC62146-1/GB/T 4787
Three Phase
Test object Testing capability
Reactive power compensation device 60kV 12Mvar
Water cooling equipment for converter valves- HVDC transmission
Test items Testing capability Standard or Remarks
Type tests 200 T/h,250 kW GB/T 30425
RTDS(Real Time Digital Simulator) test system
System 4 racks
12 PB5
Current amplifier 200 A/2400 VA
Voltage amplifier 120 V/60 VA
Switching value conversion device 24 Channels
Low Voltage Test Lab
The maximum short-circuit current 200 kA/420 V
Temperature-rise testing capability 40000 A

RTDS (Real Time Digital Simulator) Test System
System: 4 racks,12 PB5, 4 GTNET
Current Amplifier: 200 A/2400 VA
Voltage Amplifier: 120 V/60 VA
Switching Value Conversion Device: 24 channels
Low Voltage Test Lab
Testing Capability:
The Maximum Short-Circuit Current: 200 kA/420 V
Temperature-Rise Testing Capability: 40000 A