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Frank Cielo, Mgr., HP and HV Laboratories

Year Founded: 1972
Total Number of Employees: 250
Major Export Markets Served (2019): Worldwide


High Power Laboratory – USA

Power Source:
Two short circuit test generators, 1000 MVA and 2250 MVA at 60 Hz

Power Frequency:
From DC up to 60 Hz

Max. MVA / kV / kA: 2250 / 72.5 / 50 kA – 1 sec., 63 kA – 0.5 sec.

Test Bays:
The largest high-power test lab in the Americas with 5 Test Bays with widths to 11.3 m and heights to 7.0 m

Medium Voltage Tests:
Short Circuit Withstand and Interruption, Internal Arc, Capacitive Current and Load Current Switching up to 63 kA, 72.5 kV 3-phase (direct).

Transformer Short Circuit Testing Capabilities:
• Short-circuit withstand tests on distribution and power transformers up to 245 kV

Low Voltage Tests:
AC and DC Short Circuit Withstand and Interruption, load switching, and overload testing.
• AC: Up to 275 kA/1380V 3ø; 275kA/2400 V 1ø, 60 Hertz or below.
• DC: Up to 232 kA/1000V; 116 kA/1600V

Other Types of High-Power Tests Offered:
Heat Run Tests up to 16000 Aac 3ø, 8000 Adc. On all low, medium and high voltage circuit breakers, switchgear, switches, fuses, transformers, traction power systems, transformer rectifiers, cables, cable accessories, and other switchgear equipment

High Voltage Laboratory – USA

Testing capabilities
• Lightning impulse up to 1250 kV. Switching impulse up to 900 kV
• AC Power Frequency withstand testing to 230 kV, 0.5 Amp 60 Hz.
• DC Withstand testing to 100 kV DC.
Dimension of Main Test Hall: 23.5 m length x 18 m width x 10 m height