Hitachi ABB Power Grids

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Lyviksvägen 14
Ludvika, SE-771 80

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Key Contact Personnel:
Johan Lidholm, Laboratory Manager
Tomas Bergström, Marketing Manager

Year Founded:
HP Lab: 1933
Total Number of Employees: 41
Major Export Markets Served (2019): Asia, Middle East, Europe, USA


High Power Laboratory

Kind of Power Source for the HP Laboratory: Two short circuit generators

Specifications of Main Test Bay
Dimension of Main Test Hall:
Two high-voltage test cells, 24 m x 15 m x 17 m

Dimension of Secondary Test Hall:
Seven medium-voltage test cells Synthetic Installation: Two circuits, ±880 kV, main capacitor bank 6.7 MJ, parallel-current injection/voltage-injection, 4- parameter TRV, a.c. recovery voltage; Three-phase synthetic testing; Synthetic capacitive-current switching. Synthetic making tests up to 550 kV full-pole

Possible Power Frequency
from 16 2/3 to 60 Hz

Max. kV in Test Bay from Synthetic Installation:
1100 kVp; 550 kV / 80 kA (full pole), single-phase testing & 245 kV / 63 kA, three-phase testing

Electrical Tests

Medium Voltage Tests: 
Short circuit making & breaking tests, capacitive current switching tests, internal-arc tests, pressure-relief tests, power-arc tests, bus-transfer switching tests, induced-current switching tests; short-circuit withstand tests on transformers, current transformers, disconnectors, reactors, line-traps; breaking capacity & service-duty tests on on-load tap-changers

High Voltage Tests: 
Terminal-fault, short-line fault, out-of-phase switching, line-charging switching, cable-charging switching, single capacitor bank switching & shunt reactor switching tests on HV circuit breakers up to 800 kV rating, short circuit withstand test on power transformers

Heat Run Tests: 25 kA max. continuous current at 50 & 60 Hz

Mechanical Testing

Dimension of test hall:
16 m x 13 m x 22 m
Dimension of secondary test halls:
11m x 7m x 15m

Type Testing of High Voltage and Medium Voltage Equipment according to international product standards (IEC, IEEE).

Others: Mechanical cycling test, cantilever test, pull tests.
Climate chamber 1.0 x 1.6 x 0.9 m (-70 …+180), Quantifying gas leakage rate of products.

Surge Arrester Tests:
Testing of HV and MV Surge Arresters. Thermal, TOV, Power Frequency, Mechanical load and Short Circuit tests.