Basque Electrical Laboratories Alliance

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Parque Científico y Tecnológico de Bizkaia Laida Bidea, Edificio 413
Zamudio, Bizkaia, 48170

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BELA is an association of owners of accredited (ISO/IEC 17025) and independent testing laboratories in the North of Spain. The three laboratories are located less than 20 km from each other.
BELA Zamudio: Parque Científico y Tecnológico de Bizkaia. Laida Bidea, Edificio 413. 48170 Zamudio, Bizkaia, SPAIN
BELA Boroa: Parque Empresarial Boroa, Parcela 24. 48340 Amorebieta, Bizkaia, SPAIN
BELA Mungia: Derio Bidea, 28, 48100 Zabalondo, Bizkaia, SPAIN

BELA´s associated members are ARTECHE Centro Tecnológico, TECNALIA Research & Innovation and ORMAZABAL Corporate Technology.

The two members with capability for short-circuit testing are also founding members of AELP (Spanish Association for Power Laboratories). In 2015 AELP applied for STL membership. As applicants, the laboratories are currently participating in the work of the STL Technical Committee.
Key Contact Personnel:
Iñaki Orue, BELA
Pedro Pérez, BELA Mungia
Aitor Kortajarena, BELA Zamudio

Year Founded:
BELA Zamudio: 1991
BELA Boroa: 2008
BELA Mungia: 2013
Total Number of Employees: 45
Major Markets Served (2019): Europe


High Power Laboratory

Total Number of Employees: 26
Testing Facilities

Main Hall
Power Source: Short-circuit generator
Possible Power Frequency: 50/60 Hz
Max. MVA: 2500 MVA 3-phase
Max. kV: 41.5 kV
Max. kA & Duration: 40 kA 3-phase / 3 s (MV), 80 kA 3-phase / 1 s (LV)
Indoor Test Bay (MV & LV test bay): 12.3 m length x 19.7 m width x 10 m height
Outdoor Test Bay: 11.6 m length x 8 m width x 10 m height

Secondary Hall
Power Source: 220/3÷38 kV short-circuit 3-phase transformer
Possible Power Frequency: 50 Hz
Max MVA: 300 MVA, 3-phase
Max kV: 38.5 kV
Max kA & Duration: 31.5 kA 3-phase / 1 s (MV), 200 kA 1-phase and
130 kA 3-phase / 1 s (LV)
Indoor Test Bay (MV & LV test bay): 15 m length x 9 m width x 15 m height
Outdoor Test Bay: 6 m length x 7 m width x 8 m height
Tests Performed
•Short-time and peak withstand current tests
•Short-circuit making and breaking tests on LV and MV switchgear
•Making and breaking of active loads tests on LV and MV switchgear
•Making and breaking of capacitive loads tests on LV and MV switchgear
•Internal arc tests
•Short-circuit withstand tests on transformers up to 36 kV/20 MVA ratings

High Voltage Laboratory

Total Number of Employees: 12
Dielectric Testing Facilities:

Test type

 Max. Voltage

Impulse testing

Lightning impulse

3.5 MV

Switching impulse

2 MV

AC testing


1.5 MV, 50 Hz


1.5 MV, 50 Hz

DC testing


100 kV


100 kV

Partial discharge & RIV testing

1.5 MV, 50 Hz-120 Hz

Capacitance and tan δ testing

1.2 MV, 50 Hz-120 Hz

Test Bay 1: 54 m length x 30 m width x 27 m height (Faraday cage)
Test Bay 2: 20 m length x 14 m width x 12 m height (Faraday cage)
Test Bay 3: 15 m length x 10 m width x 12 m height
Mobile Testing Equipment
Ready to go test trailer for on-site HV cable and gas insulated substation commissioning tests. Capacity to energize cables from 45 kV to 400 kV rated voltage and maximum lengths up to 12 km. Possibility of testing higher voltage cables and longer lengths using various resonant systems through collaborative agreements with other entities.
Type of Source: Variable Frequency Resonant Test Unit
Ratings: 260 kV, 80 A, 20-300 Hz
Ageing Tests
•1000 h salt fog test on polymeric HV insulators according to IEC 62217. 1 chamber: 2.5 m length x 2.5 m width x 1.5 m height.
•Determination of electric strength of insulating materials according
to IEC 60243-1.
Tests Performed On
•Instrument transformers: CT, VT and CVT
•LV and MV switchgear
•Power and distribution transformers
•Insulators – porcelain, glass and composite
•Cables and accessories
•Fittings for overhead lines
•Voltage detectors

Temperature-Rise and Environmental Laboratory

Total Number of Employees: 7
• High continuous current up to 12 kA / 3- phase (50 Hz/60 Hz) for
temperature rise tests. 2 test bays for testing of all kind of industrial low voltage equipment and MV switchgear, cables, transformers, etc.
− Dimensions of Main Test Bay: 12 m length x 5 m width x 15 m height
− Dimensions of Secondary Test Bay: 15 m length x 6 m width x 10 m height
• Climatic chambers:
− Large chambers (4.2 m length x 3.0 m width x 2.6 m height):
Temperature: -45 to 85ºC; Humidity 10 to 98%
− Large chamber (5.5 m length x 4.0 m width x 4.0 m height):
Temperature: -25 to 70ºC
− 3 Small chambers (0.75 m length x 0.76 m width x 0.75 m height):
Temperature: -70 to 180ºC; Humidity: 10 to 98%
• Dust, salt spray corrosion chambers
• 1 chamber for UV test on silicon rubbers of composite insulators
• 1 chamber for flammability tests on insulating materials