NGK High Voltage Laboratory

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1155 Tagami, Futaebori
Komaki, 485-8566

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Key Contact Personnel:
Kuniaki Kondo, Manager

Year Founded
HV Lab: 1963
HP Lab:1963
Total Number of Employees (All Divisions): 15
Major Export Markets Served: Far East, South East Asia, Middle East, USA, Canada


High Voltage Laboratory:

Number of Employees in High Voltage Laboratory: 15
Dimensions of Main Test Hall: 40 m length x 40 m width x 30 m height
Dimensions of Secondary Test Hall: 30 m length x 25 m width x 30 m height

Dielectric Testing Facilities

Lightning Impulse Max. Volt./Current Standard/Remarks
Lightning Impulse: 3200 kV  IEC 60060
Switching Imp. (Dry/Wet) 2300 kV   IEC 60060
Current Impulse (8×20 μs) 80 kA  IEC 62475
A. C. Testing:
Dry 1500 kV  IEC 60060/60168/60383
Wet 1500 kV   IEC 60060/60168/60383
D. C. Testing:
Dry 500 kV, 30 mA
Wet 500 kV, 30 mA
Other Testing:
Partial Discharge& RIV Testing: 1000 kV AC & 800kV DC NEMA, CISPR
Capacitance &Tan ∂ Testing: 800 kV AC  IEC 60137

Pollution Testing:

 Items Standards Max. A.C. Voltage Max D.C. Voltage Temp. °C
Salt Fog IEC 60507/61245 1000 kV 750 kV Room Temp.
Solid Layer IEC 60507/61245 1000 kV 750 kV Room Temp.

Ageing Test:
• Tracking & erosion test based on IEC 62217 and ANSI C29.11
• Tracking wheel test based on CSAC411.4
• Ion migration test based on IEC 61325

High Power Laboratory:

Number of Employees in High Voltage and High Power Laboratories: 15
Dimensions of Main Test Bay: 15 m length x 10 m width x 13 m height
Possible Power Frequency:
Max Apparent Power: 125 MVA
Max. Voltage: 6.9kV
Max. Current x Duration: 12 kA x 1.0 sec.

Other Test Capabilities:

Mechanical Tests (Tensile, Compression, Torsional Tests): 2500 kN Amsler testing machine
Environmental Tests: Accelerated environmental testing room
Additional Special Facilities:
Environment test chamber: -40 ~+ 90 ℃
Other Test Performed on Insulators, Arresters, Bushings:
NGK HV Lab. has been accredited as conforming to ISO/IEC 17025, whose scope of accreditation in AC, DC and Impulse high voltage tests.