Tecnalia Electrical Equipment Laboratory

Parque Científico y Tecnológico de Bizkaia, Laida Bidea. Edificio 413 - Ingrid E-48170 Zamudio - Bizkaia, SPAIN


+34 946 430 850

Address: Parque Científico y Tecnológico de Bizkaia. Laida Bidea. Edificio 413. Derio (Bizkaia), SPAIN
Telephone: (34) 946 430 850
E-Mail: serviciostecnologicos@tecnalia.com, aitor.kortajarena@tecnalia.com
Key Contact Personnel:
Aitor Kortajarena, Energy Services Director aitor.kortajarena@tecnalia.com
Luis Martínez, Electrical Equipment Lab Manager luis.martinez@tecnalia.com
Agustín Ramos, Head of Power Lab  agustin.ramos@tecnalia.com
Estíbaliz Montes, Head of HV Lab  estibaliz.montes@tecnalia.com
Endika Mendiola, Head of LV Lab endika.mendiola@tecnalia.com
Miguel A. Jiménez, Head of Power Electronics Lab miguela.jimenez@tecnalia.com
Ibon Arechalde, EMC & Telecom Lab Manager ibon.arechalde@tecnalia.com
África Hernández, Head of EMC Lab   africa.hernandez@tecnalia.com
Marta Castro, Head of Smart Meters  marta.castro@tecnalia.com
Year Founded: HV Lab: 1965 HP Lab: 1991
Total Number of Employees: 39
Major Export Markets Served (2016): France, Saudi, Portugal, Oman, UAE, Turkey, UK, Ireland, Germany.


High Voltage Laboratory

Number of Employees in High Voltage Laboratory: 8
Dimensions of Main Test Hall: 20 m length x 14 m width x 12 m height
Dimensions of Secondary Test Hall: 15 m length x 10 m width x 12 m height
Dielectric Testing Facilities:

  Max. Volt./Current Standard
Impulse Testing:    
Lightning Impulse 1.800 kV, 120 kJ  IEC, EN
Switching Imp.  1.100 kV, 120 kJ  IEC, EN
A.C. Testing:    
Dry 550 kV  IEC, EN
Wet 550 kV  IEC, EN 
D.C. Testing:    
Dry 100 kV  IEC, EN
Wet 100 kV  IEC, EN
Partial Discharge& RIV Testing: 300 kV  IEC, EN
Capacitance & Tan ∂ Testing: 200 kV  IEC, EN 

Specialized Facilities & typical tests performed:
HV Cable Testing: According to IEC 60502, IEC 60840 and IEC 62067 for cable systems up to 220 kV rated voltage
Ageing and Material Tests: Test chamber for 5000 h ageing test on composite insulators. Test chamber for UV test on silicon rubbers of the composite insulators.
Other Tests Performed on Insulators, Bushings, Cable Terminations: Partial Discharge, mechanical tests, long-term ageing, all standard insulator tests, all standard cable qualification tests, all standard bushing and termination tests
Corona & RIV Testing of insulator assemblies, line hardware and station equipment for up to 300 kV AC
Safety Equipment Testing Services: Portable equipment for earthing and short-circuiting, voltage detectors, insulating earthing rods, blankets, mats, shoes

High Power Laboratory

Total Number of Employees in HP Laboratory: 6
Dimensions of Main Test Hall: 15 x 9 x 15 m (MV & LV Test Bays)
Dimensions of Secondary Test Hall: 6 x 7 x 8 m (Internal Arc)
Kind of Power Source for the HP Laboratory:
220/3÷38 kV Short-circuit Three-phase Transformer
Specifications of main Test Bay:
Possible Power Frequency: 50 Hz
Max MVA: 300, 3-ph Max kV: 38
Max kA & Duration: 40 3-ph, 1 s (MV), 130 3-ph, 1 s (LV)
Electrical Tests:
Low Voltage Tests: Short-time and peak withstand current tests; breaking capacity, internal arcing
Medium Voltage Tests: Making and breaking: inductive current, capacitive current, transfer current; short-circuit making capacity; internal arc /Short-time withstand current tests; ability to withstand short-circuits
Other types of High Power Tests Offered:
Test bay for Internal Arc Tests
High current Test Facilities & Capabilities
200 kA 1-ph, 130 kA 3-ph below 1.000 V

Mobile Laboratory for HV Cable Testing

Total Number of Employees for On-site Tests: 7
Type of Source: Variable Frequency Resonant Test Unit
Ratings: 260 kV, 80 A, 20-300 Hz
Tests: Voltage Withstand Test, Partial Discharge, Tan Delta, DC Sheath test Measurement of resistance, capacitance and line impedance

Low Voltage & Climate Laboratory

Total Number of Employees in LV & Climate Laboratory: 6
Dimension of Main Test Hall: 12 m length x 5 m width x 15 m height
Dimension of Secondary Test Hall: 15 m length x 6 m width x 10 m height
Temperature-rise Tests: up to 12.000 A 3-ph
Large Climatic Chamber: 5,5 x 4 x 4 m; -20 to 70ºC
Walk-in Large Climatic Chamber: 4,2 x 3 x 2,6 m; -45 to 85ºC
Small Climatic Chambers: 1 x 1 x 1,5 m; -40 to 140ºC

Other Test Capabilities

Mechanical Tests: Tensile, compression, bending, mechanical operation, IP & IK testing
Environmental Tests: According to IEC 60068
Acoustic Measurement: Sound level for power transformers
Additional special facilities: EMC & Telecom Tests, Smart Meters Tests & Certification
Power Electronics: Inverters & Converters
On-site Diagnosis of Rotating Machines
Predictive Maintenance of Power Transformers

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