PSW – Siemens Energy Testing Laboratories Berlin

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Paulsternstraße 26
Berlin, 13629

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Key Contact Personnel:
Lars Klingbeil, Head of Laboratories
Thomas Baars, Head of Business Development

Year Founded:
HV Lab: 1935
HP Lab: 1928
ME Lab: 1928
HC Lab: 1961

Total Number of Employees: 105

PSW research and testing laboratories are:
• Accredited by German DAkkS according to IEC/ISO 17025
• Member of PEHLA (Member of STL)


High Voltage Laboratory

Multiple labs with different size for medium and high voltage products available for:
• Dielectric short- and long-term tests
• AC Lightning and Switching Impulse Voltage Tests
• Combined Voltage Tests
• Partial Discharge Measurement
• RIV Tests with the following maximal parameters:

Impulse Testing

Max. Volt. Standard/Remarks
Lightning Impulse 3000 kV Indoor
Switching Impulse 1800 kV Indoor
A.C. Testing: 1200 kV Indoor (Partial discharge testing, noise level < 1 pC)
1800 kV Outdoor
D.C. Testing: 1200 kV Indoor

High Power Laboratory

• Switching capability tests
• Short-circuit making and breaking tests
• Short-circuit current carrying and withstand tests
• Capacitive tests, Tests of arcing due to internal fault
• Bus-transfer current tests.

Max. Testing Parameters Lab 1

2 Generators with max. power of 6400 MVA for 3-phase direct test or short-circuit current for 3 sec. 11 kV 216/80 kA
2 Synthetic circuits with max. TRV 1150 kV
Single-phase short-circuit current 35 kV 205/76 kA
20 kV 270/100 kA

Max. Testing Parameters of Lab 2

Dedicated especially to MV products 1 Generator with max. power of 1250 MVA.

Note: The generators of Lab 1 and Lab 2 can be switched in parallel to get higher output. That means that also short-circuit current tests of surge arresters with pre-failing can be performed.

Impulse Testing Laboratory

Surge Arresters Testing Capabilities – Impulse Current Testing

Lightning Current Impulse (8/20 μs) 40 kA
Switching Current Impulse (30/60 μs) 3 kA
Steep Current Impulse (1/2 μs) 20 kA
High Current Impulse (4/10 μs) 150 kA
Long Duration Current Impulse 5 kA / 5 ms / W = 348 kJ

• Sequencer for Operating Duty Test
• TOV Tests (AC test transformer 7500 kVA)
• AC/DC Test Setup for Accelerated Ageing Tests

Mechanical Testing & Temperature Rise Laboratory

• Mechanical operation and endurance tests including kinematic chain.
• Temperature-rise tests on main (max. 10 kA at 50/60 Hz) as well as on auxiliary and control circuits.
• Gas-tightness tests, Degree of protection, Airborn noise measurements,
• Strength of enclosures and other mechanical parts
• Vibrations tests (horizontal and vertical cylinder with max. traction 250 kN, Max. stroke 100 mm, Max. acceleration 100 m/s., frequency range 0.1~200 Hz)
• Test of the bending moment (max. 250 kNm)
• Tests at limit temperatures
• Thermal performance tests (several different temperature and climatic cabinets, Max. volume 3.9m x 2.6m x 2m)
• Water immersion tests (vessel size 2.7 m x 0.4 m x 0.4 m).
• Temperature range of the temperature chamber (2,45 x 3 x 2,2 m) -65°C to +95°C
• Functional range of the temperature cabinet (1 x 1 x 1 m) -75°C to +200°C