LCOE – FFII. Laboratorio Central Oficial de Electrotecnia

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Eric Kandel, 1. Tecnogetafe
Madrid, 28906

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Key Contact Personnel:
Pascual Simón, Director of LCOE-CTAT
Fernando Garnacho, Scientist Director
Tomás García,  HV Testing Manager
Sergio Ramos, On Site Testing & Calibration
Abderrahim Khamlichi, R&D and Projects
José Antonio Bregel, High Power Laboratory
Ignacio Trasmonte, Partial Discharge Testing
Javier López, HV and LV calibration
Ángel Ramírez, High Current Laboratory

Year Founded: HV Lab: 1949
Total Number of Employees: 100
Accreditations and Recognitions: ENAC / ILAC accreditation ISO 17025; reference 3/LE130 and 1/LC10.001 Designated Institute (DI), of EURAMET with CMC´s approved by BIPM Member of AELP (Spanish Association of Power Laboratories), applicant of STL Liaison
Major Markets Served (2020): Europe and Asia


High Voltage Laboratory

Number of Employees in High Voltage Laboratory:26
Dimension of Main Test Hall:40 m length x 25 m width x 22 m height
Dimension of Secondary Test Hall:29 m length x 13 m width x 12 m height

Dielectric Testing Facilities

Impulse Testing: Max. Volt./Current Standard/Remarks
Lightning Impulse  2000 kV IEC, ANSI, CENELEC
Switching Impulse (Dry & Wet)  1600 kV IEC, ANSI, CENELEC
Current Impulse  200 kA IEC, ANSI, CENELEC
Aircraft Standards
A.C. Testing: 50/60 Hz
Dry 900 kV, 50/60 Hz IEC, ANSI, CENELEC
Wet 800 kV, 50/60 Hz IEC, ANSI, CENELEC
Current 80 kA rms IEC, ANSI, CENELEC
D.C. Testing:
Other Tests
Partial Discharge: 500 kV
RIV Test:  400 kV
Capacitance & Tan ∂ Testing: 240 kV
Pollution Testing: 240 kV
High Current 8000 A (50 and 60 Hz)

Main Climatic Chamber:
Dimensions: 5 m length x 2 m width x 3 m height

Standard Temp from- to °C
Icing, ambient Tests IEC -40°C up to +60°C,

up to 95% HR

Tests Performed on the Following Products: Insulators and bushings, High voltage switchgear and controlgear, Arresters, Insulated Power Cables and their accessories, Instrument Transformers, Capacitors, Power Transformers, Live Working – Insulating Materials.

Other electrical tests such as temperature-rise tests, measurement of power losses, measurement of power sound levels, ratio measurement, capacitance and tangent delta measurement, leakage current tests, short-circuit tests, climatic tests, etc.

Other Testing Facilities

Mobile High Voltage Laboratory
Resonant Mobile Generators:• 680 kV / 3 A, 20 Hz – 300 Hz
• 36 kV / 17 A, 20 Hz – 300 Hz
• 260 kV, 83 A, 20 Hz – 300 Hz
Power Transformer Testing:up to 50 kV / 1000 kVA, 50 Hz – 115 Hz
Low and High Voltage Calibration Laboratory (including on site calibrations):Max. rated voltage of instruments to be calibrated:
• DC Dividers up to 1,0 MV and AC Divider up to 3,5 MV
• Lightning Impulse Dividers up to 3,0 MV, SI Dividers up to 2,5 MV
• Voltage transformer up to 500 kV
• Current transformers up to 12,6 kA.
• Low voltage power measurements (transformer loss).
• C & tan ∂ bridge calibration.
• P.D. Instruments and calibrators from 0,5 pC up to 2000 pC