VEIKI – VNL Electric Large Laboratories Ltd.

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Key Contact Personnel:
Kasper Nijkamp, Managing Director
Balázs Varga, Head of Laboratories
Gábor Huszl, Head of High Power Department
Csaba Homok, Head of High Voltage Department
Norbert Menyhért,
Head of High Current and LOCA Department
Krisztián Albert, Head of Certification Office
Year Founded: HV Lab: 1962 HP Lab: 1958
Total Number of Employees: 50

High Voltage Laboratory

Dimension of Main Test Hall: 40 m length x 20 m width x 18 m height
Dimension of Secondary Test Hall: 8 m length x 10 m width x 10 m height
Dielectric Testing Facilities:

Max. Volt. Standard
Impulse Testing:
Lightning Impulse 3400 kV IEC, ANSI
Switching Impulse: 2800 kV IEC, ANSI
Steep front wave 3000 kV/µs IEC
Faraday cage (5mx5mx4m) 60 kV, 1 pC IEC, NEMA
A.C. Testing: 1400 kV IEC, ANSI
D.C. Testing: 200 kV IEC, HD
PD & RIV Testing: 700 kV IEC, NEMA
Heat Cycle Tests: 75 kV, 2000 A IEC, HD
Capacitance &Tan ∂ Testing: 700 kV IEC
Salt fog & humidity tests: 30 kV IEC, HD

Salt Fog Test Facilities: Two fixed test chambers with dimensions of:
L 4 m × W 2 m × H 2.2 m
L 4 m x W 2 m x H 3.5 m
Two moveable automatically controlled chambers with dimensions of 8 m × 2.5 m ground surface and with height of 3.5 m for thermal cycles with heating current up to 8000 A continuously. Transportation for short-circuit test without any modification is available..
Ageing and Material Tests: Test chamber for 5000 h ageing test on composite insulators according to Sub-Clause 7.2 of IEC 62730-2012 Standard; flammability test on composite insulator housing materials.
Test chamber for UV test on silicon rubbers of the composite insulators (Method A Cycle 1 according to Table 4 of ISO 4892-3).
Other Tests Performed on Insulators, Arresters, Bushings, Cable Terminations: Corona tests with day-light UV camera for detection of visible corona, and flammability test on cables. Tests with infrared thermo vision camera.

High Power Laboratory
Kind of Power Source for the HP Laboratory: Network supplied
Specifications of Main Test Bay
Possible Power Frequency: 50 Hz
Max MVA: 1000 Max: kV: 75 Max. kA & Duration: 200 kA, 1 s
Synthetic Installation: Highest rated parameters of the tested circuit-breaker, 170 kV, 50 kA, highest TRV peak is 330 kV

Electrical Tests

Short-circuit Testing Facilities
Low Voltage Tests: Short-circuit strenght test on low-voltage switchgear and control gear assemblies, busbar trunking systems till 200 kA-1s
Medium Voltage Tests: Short-circuit tests on distribution transformers. Making and breaking tests of alternating-current circuit-breakers, switches and switch disconnectors. Breaking tests of current limiting fuses. Internal arc tests on metal-enclosed switchgears and prefabricated substations. Power arc tests on insulators and insulator sets.
High Voltage Tests: Making and breaking tests of alternating-current circuit-breakers, short-circuit tests on reactors and transformers.
Heat Run Tests: Circuit-breakers, switches, switch-disconnectors, disconnectors, reactors, transformers, current and voltage transformers, enclosed switchgears, fuses, cables, overhead lines, conductors, busbars, prefabricated substations.
Other Types of High Power Tests Offered: Short-time and peak withstand current tests of LV, MV and HV equipment. Short-circuit tests on cables and cable accessories. Short-circuit and sag tension tests on overhead line conductors or bundled conductors with max. length of 250 m. Short-circuit tests on surge arresters.

High Current Laboratory

Dimension of Test Hall: 15 m length x 15 m width x 5 m height
Constant test current temperature rise test 10 kA
Short-circuit power 100 MVA

Mechanical Test Capabilities

Horizontal 14 m and vertical 11 m length tensile machines with maximum load of 300 kN for stress-strain, breaking and mechanical endurance tests on conductors, cables, insulators and fittings. Both of them are equipped with climate chamber with temperature range of -40°C – +65°C for thermo-mechanical test.
Other Mechanical Tests: Other Mechanical Tests: Aeolian Vibration Test Site with conductor length of 60 m; Creep Test with conductor length of 8 m; Vibration Tests on spacer and stockbridge dampers.

Other Test Capabilities

Measurement Capabilities: Multichannel optical transient recorders up to 40 MHz; Data logging systems up to 160 measuring points; Digital high-speed camera up to 6000fps; Binocular, image intensifier (photo multiplier) equipment; Day-light UV camera for detection of visible corona; Infrared thermo camera for detecting hot spots and visualize temperature distribution.
Additional Special Facilities: Faraday cage; Accuracy tests; Electrical and mechanical ageing tests; Environmental protection tests; Measurement of electrical loss on power lines; AC/DC resistance test.

LOCA (Loss of Coolant Accident) Laboratory

Dimension: 18 m length × 6 m width × 7 m height.
The laboratory is specialized for unique tests and qualification of electric apparatus of nuclear power plant according to IEEE. The tests are performed in equipment having different test volumes, their max. parameters are: dry temperature 20-250°C; wet (vapour) temperature 250°C; pressure 0-6 bar.

Product Certification Office

Accredited according to standard:  ISO/IEC 17065