PSW – Siemens Testing Laboratories Berlin

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Nonnendammallee 104
Berlin, 13629

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Key Contact Personnel:
Lars Klingbeil, Head of Laboratories
Thomas Baars, Head of Business Development
Plamen Bunov, Sales Manager
Year Founded: HV Lab: 1935; HP Lab: 1928; ME Lab: 1928; HC Lab: 1961
Total Number of Employees: 105
PSW research and testing laboratories are:
• Accredited according to IEC/ISO 17025
• Member of PEHLA (Member of STL)

High Voltage Laboratory

Multiple labs with different size for medium and high voltage products available for:
• Dielectric short- and long-term tests
• AC Lightning and Switching Impulse Voltage Tests
• Combined Voltage Tests
• Partial Discharge Measurement
• RIV Tests with the following maximal parameters:

Max. Volt. Standard/Remarks
Impulse Testing:
Lightning Impulse 3000 kV Indoor
Switching Impulse 1800 kV Indoor
A.C. Testing: 1200 kV Indoor (Partial discharge testing, noise level < 1 pC)
1800 kV Outdoor
D.C. Testing: 1200 kV Indoor

High Power Laboratory

Switching capability tests, Short-circuit making and breaking tests, Short-circuit current carrying and withstand tests, Capacitive tests, Tests of arcing due to internal fault, Bus transfer current tests.
Max. Testing Parameters Lab 1: 
2 Generators with max. power of 6400 MVA for 3-phase direct test or

short-circuit current for 3 sec. at              11 kV         216/80 kA
2 Synthetic circuits with max. TRV          1150 kV
Single-phase short-circuit current at        35 kV        205/76 kA
20 kV       270/100 kA
Max. Testing Parameters of Lab 2: 
Dedicated especially to MV products 1 Generator with max. power of 1250 MVA.
Note: The generators of Lab 1 and Lab 2 can be switched in parallel to get higher output. That means that also short-circuit current tests of surge arresters with pre-failing can be performed.

Impulse Testing Laboratory

Surge Arresters Testing Capabilities
Impulse Current Testing:
Lightning Current Impulse (8/20 μs)                    40 kA
Switching Current Impulse (30/60 μs)                   3 kA
Steep Current Impulse (1/2 μs)                          20 kA
High Current Impulse (4/10 μs)                        150 kA
Long Duration Current Impulse             5 kA / 5 ms / W = 348 kJ
Sequencer for Operating Duty Test
TOV Tests (AC test transformer 7500 kVA)
AC/DC Test Setup for Accelerated Ageing Tests

Mechanical Testing & Temperature Rise Laboratory

Mechanical operation and endurance tests including kinematic chain.
Temperature-rise tests on main (max. 10 kA at 50/60 Hz) as well as on auxiliary and control circuits.
Gas-tightness tests, Degree of protection, Airborn noise measurements,
Strength of enclosures and other mechanical parts, Vibrations tests (horizontal and vertical cylinder with max. traction 250 kN, Max. stroke 100 mm, Max. acceleration 100 m/s., frequency range 0.1~200 Hz), Test of the bending moment (max. 250 kNm), Tests at limit temperatures, thermal performance tests (several different temperature and climatic cabinets, Max. volume 3.9m x 2.6m x 2m), Water immersion tests (vessel size 2.7 m x 0.4 m x 0.4 m).