Laboratory Center of Koncar Electrical Engineering Institute

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Key Contact Personnel:
Dalibor Filipovic-Grcic,
Project Coordinator for Power Equip. Testing
Danijel Brezak, Head of HV Lab.
Ivo Simec, Head of HP Lab.
Sanda Kozlik, Head of Certification Dept.
Year Founded:
HV Lab: 1955
HP Lab: 1969
Total Number of Employees: 65
Major Export Markets Served: Europe, Middle East, Russian Federation, Turkey


High Voltage Laboratory

Number of Employees in High Voltage Laboratory: 11
Dimension of Main Test Hall: 23x19x15 m
Dimension of Secondary Test Hall: 180×22.5×12 m
Dielectric Testing Facilities:

Max. Voltage / Current
Impulse Testing:
Lightning Impulse 1800 kV
Switching Impulse (Dry) 1300 kV
Switching Impulse (Wet) 1300 kV
A.C. Testing:
Dry / Wet 750 / 750 kV
Partial Discharge & RIV Testing: 550 kV
Capacitance & Tan ∂ Testing: 550 kV
D.C. Testing
Dry 640 kV

Pollution Testing:

Standards A.C. Voltage Max D.C. Voltage
Salt Fog
Steam Fog
IEC 60507
IEC 62217 (1000 h)
IEC 60099-4
IEC 61442
500 kV 300 kV
5000 h Multiple stress test IEC TR 62730 72 kV 50 kV

Bushing – Type tests on bushings in accordance with IEC 60137, IEEE C57.19.00 and GOST R 55187:
Dielectric tests, Thermal stability test, Temperature rise test, Cantilever tests, Tightness tests, Climatic tests
Cables – Type tests in accordance with IEC 60502-2, IEC 60840, IEC 62067, IEC 61442 HD 620 S2:
Electrical and non-electrical tests
Insulators – Type tests in accordance with IEC 60383-1 and 60383-2, RIV and corona measurement in accordance with IEC 60437, CISPR 18-2, IEC 61284
Instrument Transformers – Type tests in accordance with IEC 61869-1; IEC 61869-2; IEC 61869-3; IEC 61869-4, IEC 61869-5, GOST 7746, GOST 1983:
Dielectric tests, Temperature rise test, Mechanical tests, Short-circuit tests,
Ferro-resonance test, Transmitted overvoltage test, Transient response test,
Accuracy class test.
Shunt Capacitors – Type tests in accordance with IEC 60871-1; IEC 60871-2; IEC 60871-4
Dielectric tests, Thermal stability tests, Overvoltage test, Ageing test
Power Transformer – Type tests according to IEC 60076-1; IEC 60076-2; IEC 60076-3, IEC 60076-5, IEC 60076-10:
Dielectric tests, Routine tests, Temperature rise test, Short-circuit tests, Sound level tests

Switchgear – Dielectric type tests according to IEC 62271-1; IEC 62271-100; IEC 62271-101; IEC 62271-102;

High Power Laboratory

Total Number of Employees in The High Power Laboratory: 4
Dimensions of Main Test Hall:
• Hall for temperature-rise test: 11 x 6 x 7.5,
• Hall for short-circuit test: 7 x 6 x 7.5
Kind of Power Source for the HP Laboratory:
Temperature-rise test: regulating transformer 750 V – 400 A
Short-circuit test: 30 kV, 50 Hz from distribution network
DC source: up to 1000 VDC, 630 kVA
Possible Power Frequency:
Max MVA: 72 Max. kV: 20 Max. kA & Duration: 67 kA; 1s
Electrical Tests: LV dielectric tests up to 5 kV, 50 Hz
Heat Run Tests: Busbars up to 12 kA, 50 Hz; MV/LV cabinets up to 4 kA, transformers up to 2 MVA; 100 thermocouples measurement simultaneously.
Other Types of High Power Tests Offered:
Short circuit tests: three phase up to 40 kA – duration 3s; up to 67 kA duration 1s one phase: up to 32 kA – duration 3s, up to 120 kA duration 0.1 s power transformers up to 2 MVA, 6%, up to 20 kV primary voltage
Low voltage make – break tests:
75 kA@240-420-550 V, 50 Hz; 30 kA@725-1000 V, 50 Hz. Fuse testing: I1 up to 120 kA@550V
High Current Test Facilities & Capabilities:
Main power source: 30 kV, 50 Hz from distribution network, short circuit current at entrance to the test facility: 6 kA Transient recorder: 12 channel, input 100 mV – 1000 V, sample rate up to 10 Ms/s

Additional Test Capabilities:

Mechanical Tests (Tensile, Compression, Torsional Tests, Vibrations):
Tensile tests, compression tests, 3 point bending. Universal testing machine 20 kN, 150 kN and 500 kN.
Environmental Tests:
Two climatic chambers: 1,5m3 (-60 to 170°C) and 50m3 (-60 to 100°C), Salt mist chamber: 0,6 m3, IP protection up to IP68; IEC 60529, Protection provided by enclosures (IK); IEC 62262
Acoustic Measurement:
Sound level test for distribution type transformers in the anechoic room (IEC 60076-10), Scope of accreditation:
EN ISO 3744 and EN ISO 3746, Anechoic room volume: 320 m3, Dimensions of anechoic room (in meters – Length x Width x Height): 8×7.4×5.5
Calibration Capabilities:
Reference measuring system for LI, SI, AC and DC, calibrated in DAkkS accredited laboratory.
Accredited calibration service for PD calibrators, factor determination of high voltage dividers and calibration of 50 Hz electric field strength meters.
In-house accredited calibration laboratory for electrical units.
Testing of immunity to vibrations, EMC etc.