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Key Contact Personnel:

Rui Manuel Martins, Tests & Trials Director ruimanuel.martins@edp.com
Pedro Nunes, Head of HV Laboratory pedro.nunes@edp.com
Anabela Peixoto, Head of Insulating Materials Laboratory anabela.peixoto@edp.com
André Coelho, Head of Overhead Power Lines Inspection  andre.coelho@edp.com
Carlos Varandas, Certification, Qualification and Inspections Dir. carlos.varandas@edp.com
Cristina Marin, Environment Director cristina.marin@edp.com
Andreia Leiria, Energy Consulting Director andreia.leiria@edp.com
Catarina Silva, Business Development Director   catarina.silva@edp.com

Year Founded: HV Lab: 1985
Total Number of Employees: 130
Major Export Markets Served (2021): Europe, Mozambique, Angola, Brazil, UAE, Macau, China.


High Voltage Laboratory

Dimension of Main Test Hall: 29 m length x 17 m width x 19 m height
Dimension of Secondary Test Hall: 9 m x 6 m x 7.5 m

Impulse Testing: Max. Volt./Current Standard/Remarks
Lightning Impulse 2400 kV IEC, CENELEC, ANSI
Switching Impulse (Dry) 2400 kV IEC, CENELEC, ANSI
Switching Impulse (Wet) 1200 kV IEC, CENELEC, ANSI
A.C. Testing:
Dry/Wet 800 kV  50 Hz and 100Hz up to 175Hz
Partial Discharge & RIV Testing: 800 kV
Capacitance & Tan δ Testing Lab – up to 600 kV
Field – 12 kV

Pollution and Environmental Testing:

Dim. of Main Test Chamber (length x width x height): 8 m length x 6.75 m width x 10 m height

Standard Max. A.C. Volt. Temperature
Salt Fog IEC 245 kV

Other Testing Facilities:

Transformer Testing Max. Voltage Max. Power Frequency
Single Phase 800 kV; 1 A 800 kVA 50Hz and 100 up to 175Hz
Three Phase 12 kV
Reactor Testing
Single Phase 800 kV; 3 A 2400 kVA
120 kV; 8 A 960 kVA

HV Cable Testing:

Max. Volt./Current Standard/Remarks
Load Cycling 10000 A
AC Voltage 800 kV
DC Voltage 120 kV
Lightning Impulse 2.4 MV
Switching Impulse 2.4 MV
Test Loop Length:160 meters

Other Test Capabilities

Mechanical Tests: Tensile, Compression, Mechanical operation, Thermal cycle tests
Environmental Tests: Climatic test chamber 1 m. , up to -35.C to 85.C
Acoustic Measurement: Acoustic measurement on substations and development of mitigations solutions.
Measurement Capabilities: High Voltage Calibration Laboratory: AC/DC up to 100 kV, lighting impulse divider up to 600 kV.

Additional Special Facilities

For Testing Electrical Insulators, Arresters, Bushings & Cable Terminations

• Energy Consulting:

We provide Energy Consulting services and studies on Electrical Power Systems by digital simulation in a variety of areas:

•  Renewable Energy Power Plants integration in the grid
•  Insulation coordination;
•  Grounding systems;
•  Post-mortem incident analysis
•  Overhead line and underground cable interference with buried pipelines ;
•  Power quality and reliability;
•  Electromagnetic field evaluation;

• Insulating Materials:

Accredited laboratories for characterization of insulating oil by physic-chemical & dielectric testing. Regeneration of transformer oil. Transformer failure investigation and post-mortem analysis.

• Overhead Power Lines Inspection (infrared thermography, laser and UV)

Terrestrial thermography inspections (power lines, power stations, substations and electrical equipment)

• Certification, Qualification and Inspections:

•  Smart Grid lab: Maturity evaluation of smart grid solutions.
•  Supplier qualification, certification and inspection of electrical equipment, external contractors and suppliers.
•  Protocol testing and interoperability of smart metering systems.
• Energy Meter:

Laboratory Accredited energy metering and telemetering laboratories (Certified Reference Laboratory)
– Energy metering audits
– Accredited testing and calibration of measuring systems

• Environment:

Laboratories where we combine theory and practice to help our clients complying with their chemical, bacteriologic and biological regulatory and legal obligations. Coal and Coal ash analysis. Characterization of wastewater, solid waste, sediments, soils, corrosion products and deposits in tubular boilers.