Hydro-Québec’s Research Institute IREQ – Testing Laboratories ISO-17025

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1802, boul. Lionel-Boulet
Varennes, QC, J3X 1S1

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High Voltage Laboratory
Telephone: 450-652-5237
E-mail: Delorme.Marie-Pierre@hydro.qc.ca

Certification Department
Telephone: 450-652-8400, #5153
Email: Jodoin-Tremblay.Samuel@hydro.qc.ca

Key Contact Personnel: 
Dominic Cusson, High Voltage Test Manager Cusson.Dominic@hydro.qc.ca
Marie-Pierre Delorme, HV Test Manager Delorme.Marie-Pierre@hydro.qc.ca
Julie Turcotte, Test Engineer Turcotte.Julie3@hydro.qc.ca

Year Founded:  HV Lab: 1970
Total Number of Employees: 37
Major Export Markets Served (2019): Worldwide: USA, Canada, Germany, India, France, Japan, China, Italy


High Voltage Laboratory

Total Number of Employees in HV Laboratory: 30
Dimension of Main Test Hall: 82 m length x 67 m width x 50 m height
Dimension of Secondary Test Hall: 67 m x 54 m x 22 m

Impulse Testing: Max. Volt./Current Standard/Remarks
Lightning Impulse 6.4 MV  Full wave or chopped wave
Switching Impulse (Dry) 3.2 MV
Switching Impulse (Wet) 2.1 MV
A.C. Testing:
Dry/Wet 2.1 / 2.1 MV
D.C. Testing:
Dry 1.2 MV
Other Tests
Partial Discharge & RIV Testing: 1.1 MV
Capacitance & Tan δ Testing 1.1 MV

Other Tests Performed High Voltage Equipment:
• Voltage (up to 2,100 kV AC or 1,200 kV DC)
• Full-wave or chopped-wave lightning impulse (up to 5.4 MV)
• Switching impulse (up to 3.2 MV)
• AC or DC voltage combined with lightning impulse or switching impulse
• Radio interference voltage measurements
• Corona detection
• Partial discharge measurements
• Capacitance and loss angle measurements
• Temperature rise tests
• Loss measurements

Other Testing Facilities:

Transformer Testing Max. Voltage Max. Power Frequency Standard
Single Phase 765 kV 900 MVA 60 Hz – 180Hz
Three Phase 765 kV 900 MVA 60 Hz – 180Hz
Reactor Testing
Single Phase 817√3 kVФ-N 122 MVA 60 Hz – 180Hz
Three Phase 310 MVA 60 Hz – 180Hz

HV Cable Testing:

Max. Volt./Current Standard/Remarks
Load Cycling 4000 A
AC Voltage 600 kV
DC Voltage 800 kV
Lightning Impulse 3.2 MV
Switching Impulse 2.5 MV
Test Loop Length  160 meters