CONDIS HV Laboratory

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Route de Montena 65
Rossens, 1728

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Key Contact Personnel:
Minh Duc VO, Test Engineering Manager

Year Founded:
HV Lab: 1998
Total Number of Employees: 80


High Voltage Laboratory

Number of Employees in High Voltage Laboratory: 5
Dimension of Main Test Hall: 16x16x13m

A.C. Testing:
Dry / Wet Dry 750kV@50Hz in Air / 1’200 kV@50Hz under pressurized SF6 (up to 6 bar)
Partial Discharge & RIV Testing: yes
Capacitance & Tan ∂ Testing: yes
D.C. Testing
Dry 180 kV, 10 mA

Ageing Tests: Tests under climatic chambers (-75°C / +180°C) / Humidity measurements.
Other Tests:
• Serial/parallel testing capabilities (up to 12 pieces tested at the same time)
• Testing under alternative ecological gases on demand
• Testing in real condition using our SF6 testing lab
• Testing on Instrument Transformers (Current/Voltage calibration)
• Power frequency (50Hz) Withstand test