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High Voltage Technology, Dept.: PGHV-X, Fabrikstrasse 13
Baden, CH-5400

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Key Contact Personnel:
Anja Burkhard, Head of Laboratories

Year Founded:
HV Lab: 1935
HP Lab: 1932
HC Lab: 1968
Test Lab for Arresters: 1992

Major Export Markets Served (2019): USA, Middle & Far East, Europe, China


High Voltage Laboratory

Dimensions of Main Test Hall: 27.5 m length x 23.5 m width x 20 m height
Dimensions of Secondary Test Hall: 16 m length x 13 m width x 10.0 m height

Main Test Hall capabilities:

A.C. Voltage Testing (stationary):
• 1200 kV, 1200 kVA, 50 Hz, dry and wet
• 500 kV, 500 kVA, 50 Hz, dry and wet
D.C. Voltage Testing (stationary):
• 1200 kV, 20 mA, automatic polarity reversal, dry and wet
Impulse Voltage Testing (stationary):
• Lightning impulse, 2600 kV, 150 kJ, dry and wet
• Switching impulse, 1800 kV, 150 kJ, dry and wet
Special Measurement Capabilities and Tests:
• Capacitance and dissipation factor measurement up to 600 kV
• AC PD measurement up to 700 kV (acc. IEC 60270, bg < 2pC)
• DC PD measurement up to 900 kV (acc. IEC 60270, bg < 2pC)
• RIV measurement up to 700 kV (AC and DC)
• UHF PD Measurement via PDIX System and Spectrum analyzer
• Time-of-flight Measurement on GIS components
• Corona Camera (highly sensitive bi-spectral Visible-UVc detection camera)
• Multi-channel optical breakdown detection system
Combined Voltage Test up to Ur = 800 kV
Superimposed Voltage Test:
• Up to 700 kV DC and 2100 kV LI / 1600 kV SI with up to 3nF Load
• Decoupling via Capacitor
• Measurement via Combined Voltage Divider (Deviation of scale factors between different voltage forms < 1%)
Bus-charging Current Test (acc. IEC 62271-102) including high bandwidth (>100MHz) measurement equipment for very fast transients
• TD1: Up to Ur = 550 kV
• TD2: Up to Ur = 550 kV
• TD3: Up to Ur = 550 kV, maximum test current 1.5A

Secondary Test Hall capabilities:

A.C. Voltage Testing (stationary):
• 920 kV, 920 kVA, 50 Hz, fully gas encapsulated
• AC PD measurement up to 800 kV (acc. IEC 60270, bg < 2pC)
 D.C. Voltage Testing (stationary):
• 600 kV, 50 mA, fully gas encapsulated, manual polarity reversal
Mobile Test Capabilities:
A.C. Voltage Testing:
• 100 kV, 10 kVA, 50 Hz
 D.C. Voltage Testing:
140 kV, 10mA, manual polarity reversal
Impulse Voltage Testing:
Lightning impulse, 260 kV, 1 kJ, dry
Switching impulse, 200 kV, 1 kJ, dry
Capacitance and dissipation factor measurement up to 100 kV

Mechanical & Climate Laboratory

Dimensions of Main Test Hall: 9.5 m length x 13.3 m width x 9 m height
Dimensions of Secondary Test Hall: 8 m length x 8 m width x 9 m height
Environmental Testing:
Small climatic chamber: 1.0 x 1.1 x 1.5; -75°C up to + 180°C
Medium climatic chamber: 2.75 x 2.0 x 1.5; -60°C up to + 100°C; rel. humidity up to 95% possible (dep. on temperature)
Large climatic chamber: 5.0 x 8.0 x 5.5; -60°C up to + 105°C; rel. humidity up to 95% possible (dep. on temperature)
Mechanical Tests: All typical tests according to international standards (IEC 62271-100, 62271-102, 62271-203, 62271-104) performed on switchgear and components from 1 kV up to 800 kV
Other Tests: Measurement of mechanical stress with strain gauges, bursting tests of enclosures, determination of SF -gas leakage rates of switchgear and GIS components. One axis shaker system for 20…3000 Hz, sine force peak 17.2 kN, 60 m/s peak velocity, random force rms 21.8 kN, 50 m/s, armature diameter of 440 mm.

High Current Laboratory

Dimensions of Main Test Hall: 21.8 m length x 15.5 m width x 13.0 m height
A.C. Continuous Current Testing (stationary):
• Test Current: 50000 A (one-phase) or 25000 A (three-phase) at max. 160 V
• Test Frequency: 16.7/50/60 Hz
• THDi (Total Harmonic Distortion) < 2 %
A.C. Continuous Current Testing (various mobile sources):
• Test Current: 4000 A at max. 10 V
• Test Frequency: 50 / 60 Hz
D.C. Continuous Current Testing (stationary):
• Test Current: 10000 A at max. 20 V
• 12 pulse-bridge with ripple < 2 %
Various heating and cooling capabilities:
• Flow-controlled forced air cooling unit including heat exchanger
• Air flow rate: up to 12 m3/s
• Cooling power: up to 140 kW
• Water cooling capability: up to 200 kW
Measurement Capabilities:
• High-precision magnetic field shielded temperature measurement system with 400 channels
• Mobile temperature measurement system with 120 channels
• Microohm resistance measurement and winding resistance measurement (including heat run evaluation)
• THDI (harmonics) and power factor measurement
• Measurement of electric conductance (material property)
• Stationary Thermography system (up to 50 Hz frame rate) and Mobile Thermography system
• Current transformer test system for conventional and non-conventional current transformers (incl. reference CT up to 10000 A)

High Power Laboratory

Kind of Power Source for the HP Laboratory:
Short-circuit generator with super excitation and short-circuit transformer
Test Bays: Laboratory is equipped with 3 indoor test bays
Dimensions of Main Test Bay: 40 m length x 12 m width x 12 m height
Possible Power Frequencies: 2.5 to 50 Hz (continuously variable, except natural frequencies)
Max MVA: 3400 3-ph Max. kV: 264 Max. kA & Duration: 135 kA for 3 s
Components to be tested: MV and HV components (circuit-breaker, earthing switches, disconnectors, etc.), fuses, cables (<40m), frequency converters
Synthetic Installation: Full pole tests of circuit-breakers up to rated voltage 550kV, half pole up to rated voltage 1100 kV
Major Scope of Tests offered:
• Short-circuit withstand tests
• Short-circuit making and breaking tests
• Inductive load switching tests
• Capacitive current switching tests
• Tests under conditions of arcing due to an internal fault
Max. kV in Test Bay from Synthetic Installation: 1200 kV
Making Device for high voltage making operations at 550 kV / 80 kA
Medium Voltage Tests:
• Short circuit making and breaking tests, 3-phase – 157 kA, 11.5 kV; 27.5 kA, 36 kV;
• Capacitive current switching tests 650 A, 264 kV
High Voltage Tests:
• Direct tests; short circuit making and breaking tests 3-phase; 3000 MVA, max. 128 kV; 1-phase 1800 MVA, max. 264 kV;
• Out-of-phase tests – max. 245 kV, 4 kA;
• Synthetic tests in accordance with IEC, ANSI, IEEE, GOST (max. charging voltage 840 kV)
Other Types of High Power Tests Offered:
• Short-line fault tests, artificial line for 80 kA, 550 kV;
• Tests in explosion-proof bunker, single and three-phase – 11.5 kV, 80 kA; 128 kV, 15 kA;
• Delayed current zero tests
High Current Test Facilities & Capabilities: 160 kA
Other: Current zero measurements, high speed video (1000/3000 fps), on-line site monitoring, engineering, consulting; numerical analysis and measuring of network systems in normal and transient conditions; type test certification (STL/PEHLA)

Other Test Capabilities

Contact Personnel:
Elizabeth Da Silva Domingues
Additional Special Facilities: Testing laboratory for surge arresters according to IEC 60099-4, featuring AC testing 400 kV, 250 mA, 50 Hz; test area to perform operating duty and temporary overvoltage tests, test area to perform steep, lightning and switching current impulse to 200 kA, test area for long duration current impulse followed by AC and DC, test area for partial discharge measurements, test area for residual voltage test up to 500 kV, test area for mechanical performance tests up to 50 kN on surge arresters, high speed video system, (dimensions of test hall: 20 m l x 28 m w. x 6 m h)