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The Netherlands: Utrechtseweg 310, 6812 AR, Arnhem
Czech Republic: Podnikatelská 547, 190 11 Prague 9
USA: County Line Road 4379, Chalfont, PA 18914

High Power & Voltage Laboratories, Arnhem, The Netherlands:
E-mail: contact.kemalaboratories@dnvgl.com
Telephone: (31) 26 3 56 29 91 Telefax: (31) 26 351 146

High Power & Voltage Laboratories Chalfont, USA:
E-mail: contact.kemalaboratories@dnvgl.com
Telephone: (1) 215-822-4231 Telefax: (1) 215-822-4267

High Power & Voltage Laboratories, Prague, Czech Republic:
E-mail: contact.kemalaboratories@dnvgl.com
Telephone: (420) 281 012 371 Telefax: (420) 281 012 388

Key Contact Personnel:
Jacob Fonteijne, Director of Division Power TIC jacob.fonteijne@dnvgl.com
Bas Verhoeven, Director, Global Marketing & Sales bas.verhoeven@dnvgl.com
Gerd Enoch, Director, Global Operations gerd.enoch@dnvgl.com
Shankar Subramany,
Mgr., High Power Laboratory, Arnhem shankar.subramany@dnvgl.com
Rob van Dijk, Mgr., High Voltage Laboratory, Arnhem rob.vandijk@dnvgl.com
Frank Cielo, Mgr., HP and HV Laboratories, Chalfont frank.cielo@dnvgl.com
Robert Jech, Mgr., HP & HV Laboratories, Prague robert.jech@dnvgl.com
John Giezen, Communications Manager john.giezen@dnvgl.com
Year Founded: HV Lab: 1928 HP Lab: 1937 KPT: 1972
Total Number of Employees: 250
Major Export Markets Served (2017): Worldwide

High Power Laboratory (HPL) – Netherlands

Power Source for the HP Lab.: Four short-circuit generators, 2100 MVA each at 50 Hz
Possible Power Frequency: From 16.6 Hz up to 60 Hz
Max. MVA: 13000 Max. kV: 525 Max. kA & Duration: 390 kA for 0.42 s
Test Bays: Laboratory is equipped with three large test bays for testing high voltageapparatus up to rated voltage 1200 kV and one test bay for a medium voltage apparatus up to rated 38 kV. Own jetty for testing of large power transformers while on barge. Several large assembly bays for use by the customers.
Synthetic Installation: Full pole testing of circuit breakers with rated voltages up to 1200 kV. Maximum transient recovery voltage in test bay from the synthetic installations: 2100 kV.
Majority of Tests: 
• Short circuit withstand tests
• Short circuit making and breaking testing for all ratings
• Capacitive current switching testing for all ratings
• Tests on load-break switches
• Internal arcing tests on MV and HV switchgear
• Power arc tests on insulator strings for all ratings
• Pressure relief tests on surge arresters
• Short-circuit withstand tests on distribution and power transformers up to 800 kV rating
Short-circuit tests can be carried out on all medium and high voltage primary components such as switchgear, line traps, disconnectors, earthing sswitches, arresters, fuses, cables & cable accessories.

High Voltage Laboratory (HVL) – Netherlands

Dimension of Main Test Hall: New HV laboratory inaugurated in 2009 with overall dimension 85 x 50 x 19 meters (lwh) with 16 MV bays, 8 HV bays and 4 UHV bays. Large Faraday Cage with very low PD noise level.
Special test rooms: Test rooms for ageing tests on insulators with humidity & salt fog, rain and sunlight. Mechanical test facilities for insulators up to 500 kN, Thermal Mechanical Performance facilities included. Climatic test chambers from -70° C to +85 ° C and humidity up to 98%.
Outdoor test bays: Three independent large outdoor test facilities for prequalification tests on power cable systems up to 400kV.
Mobile test equipment:  Ready to go test trailers for on-site tests for cables systems, transformers, generators and complete substations.
Testing Capabilities
Various AC voltage sources up to 900 kV, DC voltage sources up to 600 kV, three LI and SI impulse generators up to 2600 kV, heating current transformers up to 50 kA. All relevant state of the art measuring systems for AC, LI, SI, PD, RIV, temperature rise tests (cycled), Capacitance, tan delta and others.
Specialized in type tests for

  • AC and DC Cables and accessories, LV, MV up to UHV
  • Insulators – porcelain, glass and composite
  • Power and Distribution transformers
  • Instrument transformers, CT, VT and CVT
  • Switchgear – all types

MV, HV and up to UHV Cable Testing

  • Type testing as per international standards or special test requirements on cable systems up to and including 500 kV
  • Accelerated 500 Hz ageing test for water treeing of XLPE insulating materials
  • Prequalification tests as per (IEC 62067) up to 400 kV cable systems. Three outdoor test facilities with cable gallery and directly buried for outdoor terminations, joints and GIS terminations
  • Two transportable on-site cable commission test set for AC voltage tests up to 400 kV / 80 A (18 – 300 Hz) with series resonant voltage source
  • Field test facilities for generators, transformers and substations
  • Test facility for HVDC-cables up to rated voltage of 320 kVdc

Calibration of HV measuring systems: Accredited for calibration of high voltage DC, AC, impulse and current measuring systems (Certified Reference Laboratory).
Protection relays and substation automation: Functional, EMC, climatic, mechanical, dielectric and product safety type testing of measuring relays and protection equipment according IEC 60255-1 and substation automation equipment per international standards (e.g. IEC 61850-3/IEEE 1613).
Energy meters: Testing and Certification of conventional and smart electric energy meters according to EN 50470 series, IEC 62052-, 62053-, 62055-, 62059-series and ANSI C.12 series and additional tests. Notified body for measurement instrument directive (MID MI-003)

Inspection Services – Netherlands

Accredited for witnessing of type tests and factory acceptance tests of Medium and High Voltage components at non-KEMA laboratories all over the world

Energy Meter Laboratory – Netherlands

Testing and Certification of conventional and smart electric energy meters according IEC and ANSI and additional tests. Notified Body for MID.

High Power Laboratory – USA

Power Source: Two short circuit test generators rated for 1000 MVA and 2250 MVA at 60 Hz , 3-phase, 16.0 and 16.8 kV
Test Bays: The largest high power test lab in the Americas with 5 Test Bays with widths to 11.3 m and heights to 7.0 m
Power Frequency: Any frequency from DC to 60 Hz
Max. MVA: 3250 Max. kV: 75 Max. kA & Duration: 50 kA – 1 sec., 63 kA – 0.5 sec.
Synthetic Installation: Single-phase current injection scheme
Max. kV in Test Bay From Synthetic Installation: 400 kV max. (charging voltage)
Maximum transient recovery voltage in test cell from the synthetic installations: 800 kV Electrical Tests:
High Voltage Synthetic testing: Short Circuit Interruption up to 63 kA, 245 kV (synthetically).
Medium Voltage Tests: Short Circuit Withstand and Interruption, Internal Arc, Capacitive Current and Load Current Switching up to 63 kA, 72 kV 3-phase (direct).
Low Voltage Tests: AC and DC Short Circuit Withstand and Interruption, load switching, and overload testing.
• AC: Up to 230 kA, 2400 V single phase, 230 kA, 1380 V, 3-phase, 60 Hertz or below.
• DC: Up to 260 kA, 1600 VDC
Transformer Short Circuit Testing Capabilities: 34.5 kV, 60 Hz, 6 MVA 1Ø, 20 MVA 3Ø
Other Types of High Power Tests Offered:
Heat Run Tests up to 16000 A, 10000 A, dc. On all low, medium and high voltage circuit breakers, switchgear, switches, fuses, transformers, traction power systems, cables, cable accessories, and other switchgear equipment.
Additional Special Facilities:
Project management capability design and erect specialized testing to simulate substation, distribution and power plant operating conditions to assist our customers in verifying modeling and regulatory compliance with US Federal regulations.Chalfont laboratory is accredited by American Association of Laboratory Accreditation.
(A2LA) to ISO/IEC 17025, approved UL Third Party Test Data Program lab, is a member of STLNA, and offers Test Certificates and Test Reports for testing performed in accordance with UL, CSA, ANSI, IEEE and IEC Standards.

High Voltage Laboratory – USA

Dimension of Main Test Hall: 23.5 m length x 18 m width x 10 m height
Dielectric Testing Capabilities: 
Lightning impulse up to 1250 kV. Switching impulse up to 900 kV
• AC Power Frequency withstand testing to 600 kV, 2.0 Amp 60 Hz.
• DC Withstand testing to 100 kV DC.
Chalfont laboratory is accredited by American Association of Laboratory Accreditation (A2LA) to ISO/IEC 17025, approved UL Third Party Test Data Program lab,is a member of STLNA, and offers Test Certificates and Test Reports for testing performed in accordance with UL, CSA, ANSI, IEEE and IEC Standards.

High Power Laboratory – Czech Republic

Power Source for the High Power Laboratory:
Two short-circuit generators, 2500 MVA each
Possible Power Frequency: 50 Hz
Max MVA: 5000 MVA at 50 Hz Max kV: 84 kV Max kA & Duration: 280 kA for 2.5 s
Test Bays: Laboratory is equipped with five test bays for testing of MV apparatus up to 36 kV and with two open air areas for test objects above 36 kV
Accredited Standards: Mainly IEC but also GOST & ANSI
Testing Capabilities:
• Short-circuit making and breaking tests (7,2 kV/80 kA; 36 kV/25 kA), capacitive current switching tests
• Short-circuit withstand tests on MV and HV (up to 280 kA/2,5 s; 550 kAp)
• Tests on load-break switches (up to 36 kV)
• Breaking capacity tests on MV fuses (up to 40 kA/36 kV)
• Internal arcing tests on MV switchgears and compact substations (up to 72 kA)
• Power arc tests on insulator sets (up to 50 kA)
• Short-circuit tests on arrestors (up to 63 kA)
• Short-circuit tests of power transformers (up to 40 MVA 3-ph;100 MVA 1-ph)
• DC Tests (2 kV up to 80 kA; 4 kV up to 40 kA)
• LV tests (up to 150 kA)
Short-circuit tests can be carried out on all medium and high voltage main components such as switchgear, transformers, line traps, disconnectors, earthing switches, surge arresters, fuses, cables & cable accessories, etc.

High Voltage Laboratory – Czech Republic

High-voltage laboratory is specially designed for routine tests, lightning impulse test, etc. on distribution transformers and temperature-rise tests on various electrical equipment – especially on LV and MV panels.
Dimensions of Test Hall: 20 x 17 m equipped with crane up to 10,000 kg load.
Testing Equipment:
High voltage test bay:
• Distribution transformer test system DTTS 250
• AC withstand voltage source up to 100 kV, 50 Hz
• Impulse voltage generator up to 380 kV, 20 kJ
Temperature-rise test bay:
• 3×1 MVA temperature-rise test transformers up to 20 kA (continuous load)

Utrechtseweg 310
Arnhem, 6812
The Netherlands

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