Central Power Research Institute, India

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Prof.Sir.C.V.Raman Road, P.B.No: 8066, Sadashivanagar P.O
Bangalore, Karnataka, 560080

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Key Contact Personnel:
V.S. Nandakumar, Director General dgcpri@cpri.in
Ramesh Babu, R.Director     rbabu@cpri.in
Anupam Awasthi, Additional Director awasthi@cpri.in
J. Santhosh, Additional Director js@cpri.in
Dr. K. T. Varughese, Additional Director drvarughese@cpri.in
Year Founded: HV Lab: 1970 UHVRL: 1993 HP Lab: 1990 STDS:1960  RTL, Noida: 2009
Total Number of Employees: 532
Major Export Markets Served (2017): Countries of Middle East / Far East / South East Asia, USA, Europe, Africa, SAARC Countries

High Voltage Laboratory

Number of Employees in High Voltage Laboratory:
High Voltage Division, Bangalore: 21
UHV Research Laboratory, Hyderabad: 38
RTL, Noida: 25
Dimensions of Main Test Hall:
HV, Bangalore: 54 m length x 52 m width x 42 m height
UHV Research laboratory, Hyderabad:
a) Impulse Test Bay: 2080 sq m
b) Power Frequency Test Bay: 600 sq.m
RTL, Noida: 23m length x 15 m width x 7.5 m height
Dimensions of Secondary Test Hall:
HV, Bangalore: Outdoor 55 m x 55 m
UHV Research Laboratory, Hyderabad: Auxiliary Test Bay: 385 sq.m
Dielectric Testing Facilities:   

Max. Volt./Current Standard
Impulse Testing:
Lightning Impulse 3 MV, 150 kJ(HV, Bangalore) IEC, ANSI, BS, IS
2.4MV, 240kJ (STDS, Bhopal)
5 MV, 500 kJ (UHVRL, Hyderabad)
2.4MV, 240kJ (DCCD, Bangalore)
1MV, 100kJ (RTL, Noida)
Switching Impulse (Dry) 1.6 MV (HV, Bangalore)  IEC, ANSI, BS, IS
3.2 MV (UHVRL, Hyderabad)
Switching Impulse (Wet) 1.6 MV (HV, Bangalore)  IEC, ANSI, BS, IS
3.2 MV (UHVRL, Hyderabad)
Current Impulse 100 kV, 150 kJ(HV, Bangalore) IEC 60099-4
A.C. Testing:
Dry & Wet 1100 kV (HV, Bangalore)
1600 kV (rms)(UHVRL, Hyderabad)
350 kV (rms) (STDS, Bhopal)
250 kV (rms) (CPRI, Noida)
Wet 1100 kV (rms) (HV, Bangalore)
1600 kV (rms) (UHVRL, Hyderabad)
350 kV (rms) (STDS, Bhopal)
D.C. Testing:
Dry +/- 1200 kV / 200 mA
(UHVRL, Hyderabad)
+/- 280kV / 15mA (HV, Bangalore)
Wet +/- 1200 kV / 200 mA
(UHVRL, Hyderabad)
Partial Discharge & RIV Testing: 1200 kV (AC), +/- 1200 kV (DC)
(UHVRL, Hyderabad)
400 kV AC (HV, Bangalore)
Capacitance & Tan ∂ Testing: 1200 kV (AC) (UHVRL, Hyderabad)
220 kV (HV, Bangalore)
Corona 1200 kV (AC) (UHVRL, Hyderabad)
400 kV (AC) (HV, Bangalore)

Pollution Testing:
Dimension of Main Test Chamber:
HV, Bangalore:12 m length x 12 m width x 12 m height
UHVRL, Hyderabad: 24 m(diameter) x 27 m(height) with 800kV wall bushings

Standard Max.A.C. Volt Max.D.C. Volt Temperature
Salt Fog IEC 60507 800 kV AC System (UHVRL, Hyderabad)
IEC 60507 400kV AC System (HV, Bangalore)  150 kV
Clean Fog IEC 60507 132 kV System (HV, Bangalore) 150 kV Ambient

Ageing Tests: 1000 hrs Salt Fog Ageing Tests, Ageing Tests on Arrester Blocks

Other Tests Performed on Insulators, Arresters, Bushings, Cable Terminations: Lightning Impulse Test, Switching Impulse Test, Power Frequency Voltage, Temperature Cycle Test, Porosity Test, Corona Test and RIV Test. Complete design tests on Composite insulators, Bending moment and Seal leak rate tests on Lightning Arresters
Other Testing Facilities:

Max. Voltage Max. Power Frequency Standard
Transformer Testing 
HV, Bangalore:
Single Phase 400 kV 100 MVA 50 Hz IEC, BIS, ANSI
Three Phase 400 kV 100 MVA 50 Hz IEC, BIS, ANSI
Transformer Testing
UHVRL, Hyderabad:
Single Phase 1200 kV 500 MVA 50 Hz IEC, BIS, ANSI
Three Phase 1200 kV 500 MVA 50 Hz IEC, BIS, ANSI
Transformer Testing RTL, Noida
Single Phase  132kV  25 MVA  50 Hz IEC, BIS, ANSI
Three Phase  132kV  25 MVA  50 Hz IEC, BIS, ANSI
Reactor Testing HV, Bangalore:
Single Phase  400 kV  >0.5 MVA  50 Hz IEC, BIS, ANSI
Three Phase  400 kV  >0.5 MVA  50 Hz IEC, BIS, ANSI

HV Cable Testing:

Max. Volt./Current Standard/Remarks
Load Cycling Up to 220 kV Cables
AC Voltage 300 kV (test voltage) HV, Bangalore
70kV (test voltage) CPRI, Noida
DC Voltage 150 kV (test voltage) HV, Bangalore
Lightning Impulse 145 kV and 245 kV Class HV, Bangalore IEC, CENLEC, VDE, BIS
33kV Class, CPRI, Noida IEC, CENLEC, VDE, BIS
Switching Impulse 145 kV and 245 kV, HV, Bangalore IEC, CENLEC, VDE, BIS
Test Loop Length:30 meters 30 m HV, Bangalore
15 mCPRI, Noida

Diagnostics Cables and Capacitors Lab, Bangalore:

Test Capabilities: Type Test and Pre-Qualification tests on Cables &
accessories rated up to 400kV
RTL, Noida:
Test Capabilities: Type Test on Cables & accessories rated up to 33kV

High Power Laboratory

Total number of employees in the High Power Laboratory, Bangalore: 34
Total number of employees in the STDS, Bhopal: 105
Dimensions of Main Test Hall:
STDS Bhopal: 28m (L) X 24m (W) X 26m (H)t
Kind of Power Source for the HP Laboratory:
HPL, Bangalore:
Specifications of Main Test Bay: Possible Power Frequency: 50/60 Hz
Max. MVA: 2500, 14kV, 120kA Short Circuit Generator (Offline Source)
Max. kV: 245 kV Single Phase, 36 kV Three Phase
Max. kA & Duration: 63 kA, 300 kArms STC for 1 sec.
STDS, Bhopal:
Possible Power Frequency: 50Hz
Max. MVA:1500, Short Circuit Generator (Offline Source), 1250MVA Short Circuit Generator (Offline Source), 100MVA Online Source
Max. kA & Duration: 200 kA STC for 1 sec.
Synthetic Installation: 245 kV Circuit Breaker, 63 kA Full Pole testing 400 kV Circuit Breaker Unit Testing Max. kV in Test Bay from synthetic installation: 400 kV DC
Electrical Tests:
Medium Voltage Tests: Up to 36 kV Circuit Breakers-25 kA, Power Transformers up to 250 MVA and voltage rating 220 kV class, 84MVA and voltage rating 400kV Class (HPL, Bangalore), Power Arc Test on insulator strings up to 40 kA.
Heat Run Tests: Facility available at STDS, Bhopal: Temperature Rise Test up to 25kA in Three Phase set up & Resistance measurement on Distribution Boards, LT & HT Busducts, Isolators, Circuit Breakers, Control Panels, Switches, CTs & PTs, OLTCs, Power Connectors. Facility available at Diagnostic, Cables & Capacitors Laboratory, Bangalore: Up to 10kA. Facility available at RTL, Noida: Up to 6kA
Other Types of High Power Tests Offered:
Short Time current Test on Reactors, Line Traps, Pressure Relief Tests on Lightning Arresters, Breaking Capacity Test on Fuses, Induced Current Switching Tests on High Voltage Earthing Switches. Internal Arc Tests on Panels, Low Induction current switching Tests, Breaking Capacity Tests on OLTC, all tests on LV Switchgears as per IEC 61439-1 & 2.
High Current Test Facilities & Capabilities: 300 kArms for 1 sec. on Busducts, Panels, Earthing Switches, Isolators, Power Connectors.

Other Test Capabilities

Mechanical Tests (Tensile, Compression, Torsional Tests): Mechanical Operation: Test on Circuit Breakers
Seismic Tests: Tri-axial Shaker System with 4 actuators each, in both horizontal and vertical axes, is capable of producing simultaneous and independent motions with 6 degrees of freedom. Electro Dynamic Shaker System with Force rating of 26.7 kN and frequency range of 5 to 3000 Hz. Single axis Shaker system can carry out fatigue and dynamic characteristics test weighing up to 100 kg.
Environmental Tests: Climatic chamber of size: 2 m x 2.2 m x 2.5 m (WxDxH) with a temperature variation from -70°C to +180°C, ±1°C, the humidity can be varied from 10% to 95%, ±2%Rh, rate of change of temperature: 10°C/min
Measurement Capabilities: High Speed transient recorders with one microsecond sampling rate and 250 megabyte samples.
Additional Special Facilities for Testing Electrical Insulators, Arresters, Bushings & Cable Terminations: Power Arc Tests on the Insulator strings, Pressure Relief Test on Lightning Arresters, Short Time Current Test on Cable Terminations.
Test facilities for Conformance Protocol Testing in accordance with IEC 61850.