Cepel – Electrical Power Research Center (Electrobras System)

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Avenida Horácio Macedo, 354 - Cidade Universitária
Rio de Janeiro, RJ, 21941-911

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Mailing Address: Caixa Postal 68007, Cidade Universitáxria, Rio de Janeiro, RJ, ZIP CODE: 21944-970 BRAZIL
Key Contact Personnel:
Alceo Mendes de Souza Junior,
Laboratories & Experimental Research Director alceo@cepel.br
Alexandre Neves, HV & HP Lab. Coordinator neves@cepel.br
Mauricio Lisboa, Support Lab. Coordinator mbl@cepel.br
Year Founded: HV Lab: 1979, HP Lab: 1981
Total Number of Employees: 63
Major Export Markets Served (2017): Electric Utility and Manufacturers in South America


High Voltage Laboratory

Number of Employees in High Voltage Laboratory: 12
Dimension of Main Test Hall: 44 m length x 30 m width x 27 m height
Dimension of Secondary Test Hall: 10 m length x 10 m width x 8 m height
Dielectric Testing Facilities:  

Max. Volt./Current Standard/Remarks
Impulse Testing:
Lightning Impulse 3200 kV IEC, ANSI, ABNT
Switching Impulse (Dry) 2800 kV IEC, ANSI, ABNT
Switching Impulse (Wet) 2400 kV IEC, ANSI, ABNT
Current Impulse 100 kA IEC, ANSI, ABNT
A.C. Testing: (Dry/Wet) 1100 kV / 2A IEC, ANSI, ABNT
D.C. Testing: (Dry/Wet) ±1000 kV / 2A IEC, ANSI, ABNT
Partial Discharge& RIV Testing: 1100 kV IEC, ANSI, ABNT
Tan ∂ Testing: 1100 kV / 2A IEC, ANSI, ABNT
Pollution Testing:
Dimensions of Main Test Chamber: 18 m length x 16 m width x 20 m height


Standard Max.A.C. Volt Max.D.C. Volt
Salt Fog IEC/ANSI/ABNT 600 kV / 2A ±600 kV
Clean Fog IEC/ANSI/ABNT 600 kV / 2A ±600 kV

Other Tests Performed on Insulators, Arresters:
Puncture test (steep-front wave); voltage distribution on insulator strings; visual and UV corona; bias test on HV disconnectors and circuit breakers; all standard tests on arresters; thermal stability on capacitors; chopped impulse testing on SF6, paper/oil and RIP bushings, chopping gap in SF6; ferro-ressonance transient response and short-circuit on instrument transformers (up to 500 kV); lightning damage susceptibility testing for optic cables; lightning impacts on aeronautical structural materials

High Power Laboratory

Total Number of Employees in High Power Laboratory: 10
Kind of Power Source for the HP Laboratory: Three single-phase power transformers 138 kV ±4 x (8370-4122) V in 26 steps, rated 11 MVA continuously and 350 MVA during 1 second
Specifications of Main Test Bay: 
Possible Power Frequency: 60 Hz Max. MVA: 750 Max. kV: 100 kV (1-phase) or 60 kV (3-phase) Max. kA & Duration: 100 kA, 0.2 sec.
Electrical Tests: 
Medium Voltage Tests: (i) Making and breaking of short-circuit current on circuit breakers, expulsion and current limiting fuses, automatic circuit reclosers, earthing switches, high voltage contactors and other equipment, in the range of 4.5 kV to 100 kV (1-phase) or 4.5 kV to 60 kV (3-phase) with power up to 750 MVA; (ii) Power arc tests on insulator strings for transmission lines; internal arc tests on metal enclosed switchgear and controlgear; pressure relief tests on surge arresters (iii) Short circuit tests on distribution and power transformers and potential transformers; (iv) Short time withstand current tests on reactors, current transformers, metal enclosed switchgear and controlgear, ducts, cables, transmission line space-dumpers and other equipment.
Heat Run Tests: Temperature rise tests on switchgear and controlgear assemblies, ducts, disconnectors or any other low and high voltage equipment, test current up to 50 kA continuously.
Other Types of High Power Tests Offered: 
Making and breaking of short circuit current on breakers, fuses, switches, contactors and other equipment, in the range of 110 V to 3500 V (3-phase) or 110 V to 6000 V (1-phase) with power up to 120 MVA; short-time withstand current on current transformers, reactors, switchgear and controlgear assemblies, disconnectors and earthing switches, cables and other equipment; maximum current depends on the impedance of the equipment to be tested and can attain up to 230 kA; Lightning DC current effects on optical ground wires (OPGW).
High Current Test Facilities & Capabilities: 
Three single-phase power transformer 138 kV / 4.16 kV ±20% followed by another bank with three single-phase power transformer 4.16 kV / 4 x 275 + 4 x 137.5 V; all transformers have a power of 8 MVA continuously and 40 MVA during 5 seconds.

Other Test Capabilities

Ultra High Voltage Laboratory: In the UHV outdoor laboratory it is possible to perform tests in AC and DC transmission lines and electrical equipment and accessories for systems up to 1200kV AC and ±1000 kV DC with the following capabilities : Three single-phase 750 kV 60 Hz Voltage transformers for three-phase tests and 2.25 MV AC 60Hz for single –phase tests. DC sources up two ±1.600 kV, Impulse generator for lightning and switching impulse up to 6.4 MV and combined tests.
Mechanical Tests: Cable tensile rupture test (tensile and compression tests up to 500 kN). Cable efficiency test with Stockbridge Damper.
Environmental Tests: Chamber tests: Salt spray, wet and SO2, UV Fluorescent Test.
Measurement Capabilities: Contact Laboratory
Calibration: Accredited Instruments Calibration Laboratory (ISO/IEC 17025) for AC/ DC voltage and current, Frequency, Time, Resistance and Capacitance.
High Voltage Calibration: Accredited Laboratory for High Voltage measuring systems up to 2,5 MV for AC, DC and Voltage and Current Impulses. Calibration is performed according IEC 60060-2 and IEC 61083.
Electrical Apparatus for Hazardous Locations: Facilities for testing and certifying electrical apparatus for hazardous locations (IEC 60079 standard series).
Motors and drivers testing: dynamometer up 500 kW.
Diagnostic Laboratory for Electrical Equipment: Measurements, monitoring and diagnostics of substation and transmission line equipment.
Metalography: STEM/EDX for electrical equipment materials analysis.
Chemistry: TGA/DSC, FTIR, UV Spectra, Hardness Shore A and density tests for materials analysis.
Additional Special Facilities for Testing Electrical Insulators, Arresters, Bushings & Cable Terminations: Faraday cage for corona measurements on conductor bundles (up to 600 kV AC) or 800 kV DC